24 May 2016

Dear Old Northlanders,

Scholarships 2017

At NORTHLANDS we aim to develop in our students an intrinsic sense of pride and belonging to their School which lasts throughout their lives and across generations. 

For this reason, it is our great pleasure to inform you that due to last year’s success, NORTHLANDS has decided to extend its “95th ANNIVERSARY – Special Admissions Programme for ON” which was launched last year and offers -to those who need it- financial aid of between 10% and 50% to our former students’ sons and daughters entering School in 2017. These Scholarships are for vacancies in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary in both sites.

We wish to emphasize that there is a Financial Aid Program in place at NORTHLANDS which is available for the whole community and which, in this opportunity, is being exceptionally offered to our former student’s children as from their admission (without enforcing the existing three-year minimum rule applicable to all families).

In this way, NORTHLANDS wishes to make a contribution to assist our dear ex-pupils in their enthusiasm to come back “home” and once again be part of an active community which continues to share the same values and spirit which were so important during their formative years. 

We hope this will help you provide your children with the excellent academic and human education you are so familiar with.  For us, it will be a pleasure to have you at NORTHLANDS again and together build and strengthen the school spirit which is a key objective in NORTHLANDS’ policy.

Enrolment is now open and vacancies are limited. If you are interested please contact Florencia Sackmann Sala by 30 June at fsackmann@northlands.edu.ar.

Yours sincerely,

Pablo Rasore                                                                        Nicholas Reeves         
Chair                                                                                       Headmaster