We are pleased to inform you that the admission process for the 2018 academic year for children of Old Northlanders is open.

NORTHLANDS has decided to launch its “Towards our 100th ANNIVERSARY – Special Admissions Programme for ON” which offers -to those who need it- financial aid of between 10% and 40% to our former students’ children entering School in 2018. These Additional Discounts are for vacancies in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary in both sites. Remember that our automatic discount for Old Northlanders is 10%, i.e. there is a minimum discount of 10% and a maximum discount of 50%. If you are interested please contact Teresa De Stefano by May 15th at tdestefano@northlands.edu.ar

To start the admission process for children of Old Northlanders please access the Admissions Section of the School Website (www.northlands.edu.ar) and complete the admissions form on-line before May 15.

The user name is admissions and the password is admissions2018

You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Otherwise, we kindly request that you contact the corresponding admissions officer.

NORDELTA: Mrs. Ana Orlando

E-mail: admissionsnordelta@northlands.edu.ar

Tel: 4871-2668/9 (ext 109)

OLIVOS: Mrs. Viviana Canessa

E-mail: admissionsolivos@northlands.edu.ar

Tel: 4711-8400 (ext 8413)

We hope this will give you the opportunity to provide your children with the excellent academic and human education you are so familiar with.  For us, it will be a pleasure to have you at NORTHLANDS again and together build and strengthen the school spirit which is a key objective in NORTHLANDS’ policy