The Alumni History Project is an initiative of a group of Old Northlanders, from class 1964, that is always open to former students who would like to join.  We want to rescue anecdotes about school to share with all the Northlands community and ensamble something truly memorable for the School's first centenary in 2020. This is the final goal.

Reconstructing almost 100 years of history through documents, legends, anecdotes and bringing back to life every character who walked through the Shakespeare Lawn and every one who was affected by the legacy of Mrs. Brightman. 

Dust off old boxes, unveil lost treasures to then select, classify and catalogue. This is what has been done in the inicial stages. Each box contains a story we will share with the Northlands Community. 


We are Indiana Jones

With the guide and inspiration of Silvana Piga, expert in charge of special collections and archives of St. Andrews University, we learnt about the care and value of the documents that were entrusted to us. 

And we named our team. 

We decided to asume the role of "archaeologists" dedicated to dig up the mysteries of almost 100 years of Northlands life, from now on we are the "Indiana Jones". 



Nos juntamos en la oficina de Alumni todos los viernes entre las 10 am y las 13pm. 

Y si alguien quiere sumarse al grupo, será muy bienvenido.


Comité Organizador Proyecto Historia: 
Susana Ferrer (ON´64), Eva Grunwald Lima (ON´64), Lilly Roth (ON´79), Valeria Cosentino (ON´78), Giselle Maciéczyk (ON´58) y Mercedes Cullen (ON´79).